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January 9, 2002

Dear UVM Track and Field Supporter -

As you know, on September 13 UVM's Administration announced the termination of Men's Track & Field - following the 2002 season. Many of you contacted the Administration through phone calls, e-mails, letters, etc. UVM Track & Field Athletes articulated their concern through These messages were motivational to current student-athletes and alumni alike.

Since that time, Alumni and Student-Athletes have continued to research the background behind this unexpected decision to better understand the rationale and background. This has included meeting with the Athletic Department, Senior Administrators, Vice Presidents, Track Coaches from other schools, etc. Unfortunately, the more information gathered leaves more questions unanswered and increasing suggests a decision not fully thought out.

On December 17, a representative group of Alumni met with a senior group of UVM Administrators. At this meeting, we presented the facts, as we know them and requested that reasonable financial fundraising goals be established that would allow for the immediate reinstatement of Men's Track & Field at UVM. This meeting has led to a final presentation of our written findings to President Colodny and Provost Bramley this week. Some results of our investigation:

  • UVM's Men's Track & Field team has one of the highest cumulative GPAs on campus and many excellent and dedicated participants.

  • UVM Track & Field and Cross Country have the highest % participation of Vermont residents of any UVM Varsity sports.

  • UVM Represents the only in state Division 1 alternative for Vermont High School Track athletes. Track is one of the most participated in Vermont High School sports.

  • UVM Track & Field has a significantly lower cost per participant than any other Varsity sport at UVM

  • UVM will be the only school in the America East Conference without a Men's Track & Field team

  • According to NCAA statistics, Track & Field offers UVM the greatest opportunity within athletics, to meet its stated strategic goal of increasing the number of minority students

  • 85% of all Division 1 schools offer Men's Track & Field

  • The elimination of Men's Track & Field will ultimately limit the success of Men's Cross Country and is already having a negative impact the Women's program. Imagine the challenge of recruiting Women athletes when it is already apparent that the school has cancelled the Men's team.

  • Last year the University of New Hampshire, a school very similar to UVM in many respects, raised over $500,000 in support of their new track

  • UVM Athletic Department failed to actively seek philanthropic and alumni support before terminating the program.

We need your help at this critical time in the decision process. UVM Administration needs to understand that there is a dedicated and active group of UVM Track & Field supporters, both Men and Women, who understand the value of this program and are willing to be supportive.

Today's request is simple. Please send e-mails to the following persons stating your interest and support of the reinstatement of Men's Track & Field at the University of Vermont. We are asking the Administration for an opportunity to actively seek funds to help offset the current and future costs.

We are running out of time and we request your help now.

Thanking you in advance.

Charlie Claudio, Class of 80
Kevin Hanlon, Class of 80
Jim McDonald, Class of 72
Janet Terp, Class of 80
Peter Weith, Class of 76

Where to send your emails E-mails:

Webmaster's notes:

We are trying to rally EVERY supporter of UVM Track & Field for a massive, and FAST email campaign. Please pass the message on to your teammates, your family, your HS coaches, your opponents, other runners... and please remember, this is not a UVM bashing campaign. Rather, its purpose is to provide a quick show of hands for all people who are interested in the future of UVM Track & Field.

And if you don't have time to write a big email, don't sweat it - even a simple blank email with something in the Subject heading would work, like "Bring Back Men's Track & Field!"

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Charlie Claudio
Kevin Hanlon
Jim McDonald
Janet Terp
Peter Weith
Rob Smith
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Thomas Johnson
Seth Austin
The Deane Family
Victor Zimmerman
Debra Baslow
Chris McDermott
Sara Kinnamon
Bernie Gagnon
Karen Millham
Bob Ingegneri
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Matt Curtis
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Susan Williams
Trond Nystad
John Scheer
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Elizabeth Young
Bob Stoehr
Megan Galbreath
Tom Harrington
Ken Van Cott
Christy Johnson
Joseph Parent
Tom Beatini
Steven Eustis
Willy Rittase
Tom Harrington
Jeremy Bloom
Eric Gans
Alex Moore
Dan Krawiec
Patricia and Daniel Mielcarek
Casey Grant
John Foster

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