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On Sept 13th, UVM announced that the Men's Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Programs would be eliminated.

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The Day Al Gutterson Cried
Class of 1912 and Olympic Gold Medal Winner
Gutterson Field House

On Thursday September 13, 2001, I was notified that a decision was made by the administrative leaders at the University of Vermont that men's indoor and outdoor track and field was among the five sports to be eliminated from the UVM athletic program. This was a terrible week for America because of the terrorist attack on New York and Washington and a devastating week for the UVM Track and Field Family. With my Team already distraught about the attack on America the timing of this announcement was deplorable. This indeed was the day that Al Gutterson cried!

As a coach at the University of Vermont for 34 season I was not given the courtesy to defend my program before the committee that eventually decided our fate. The UVM track team was not a Men's team or a Women's team. It has always been coached as the University of Vermont Track and Field team. We ran with one heart and one soul and on September 13th one half of our heart and soul was eliminated. For many years I coached this team by myself with the addition of my first full time assistant coach in the mid eighties. By coaching 6 sports with one full time assistant coach many could say that UVM got their moneys worth.

I feel sorry for the University of Vermont. I feel sorry for the past and present members of the UVM Track and Field family. I feel sorry for all the young boys in the state of Vermont who compete in track and field and will never have the opportunity to compete for their state University. Over the years between 65-75 percent of my team members have been Vermonters and that was my recruiting philosophy for both my Men's and Women's teams.

To the president of the University of Vermont, the Board of Trustees, the Athletic Council and everyone who had input in this decision I would respectfully like to make this response.

On behalf of all the great young men who have proudly and honorably represented the University of Vermont in the great sport of Track and Field I would like to say what General Anthony Clement McAuliffe said to the surrounding German Army at the siege of Bastogne when asked for his surrender - "NUTS".


Ed Kusiak
Coach of Men's and Women's Cross Country
Coach of Men's and Women's Indoor Track and Field
Coach of Men's and Women's Outdoor Track and Field

UVM Track & Field INFO


More to follow . .