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Weíre Back!!!
UVM Reinstates Menís Track and Field



If youíd like to read the official press release from UVM follow this link. Iím in the process of putting up a page of thoughts and thanks, but for those who still check this page Iíd recommend writing a brief note of commendation to Athletic Director Bob Corran and UVM President Dan Fogel, who were smart and caring enough to listen to those of us who just wouldnít stop stressing the importance of a Menís track and field program at Vermont.

Also I would like to express my regret to those teams who were cut during this round of re-evaluations. Itís a sad thing when dedicated coaches and student athletes lose the opportunity to do what they love and represent an institution they care about at the same time. College sports are a tough business and hopefully at some point we will be able to focus less on the lack of resources and more on the overwhelming positives associated with education and sport. Keep your heads up and donít ever give up the fight for what you believe in.